22 thoughts on “Quick!

  1. This is so cute, Francis, lovely.. I like its wing, it’s so elegant! ^^ Also, the hills or mountains in the distance give that feeling.. both of nearness and of mystery somehow, almost like a scene from an epic movie. ^_^

    1. Thank you, Nicole ^-^ Actually it’s in a town near the ruins of the capital of an old civilization called Tiwanaku, wity pyramids, temples and giant structures, in a time where lake Titicaca was so big that the capital had ports and shores. So still there is a bit of epicness ^^ (except for the town that is a common modern one)

    1. Thank you, fragglerocking. I am afraid that not… I name any bird just as “bird” except doves which I call “bad bird” xD They look like gulls but this was in the highlands…

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