The spectacular death of a brief Giant of Fire

map of an island called atlantis at the moment of being devoured by the fury of volcans in a black sea

Map of an Island called Atlantis at the moment of being devoured by the fury of volcans in a black sea

In part building castles in the air is an art. Of course castles in this context doesn’t mean a building of stone with kings and princess but a structure made with reed designed to contain the armature of fireworks. It’s a Peruvian tradition but I don’t remember see it in TV in another country. It’s used for middle size celebrations, usually neighborhood anniversaries. A way to remember the creation of a group destroying with fire a figure.

Building a giant to conquest the world

Building a giant to conquest the world

The art of destroying castles with fire requires skill and imagination from the master at charge. It’s assembly the same day of the celebration because it’s in the public street, so I guess it’s mildly legal and more something authorized by tradition. As it’s a celebration food, beer and a priest is important. I don’t follow any religion and I dislike beer since kid so I just go to see the castles. Every year it’s chosen a different family from the neighborhood to hire the master of castles to the next year. This castle is in a little block of Arequipa city.

Abstract and natural

Abstract and natural

As you can see above they’re not simple creatures. The spectacle has to last at least near half an hour so it requires several levels, a little theatre of lights with different colors exploding one after the other.

Goldie in fire

Gold in fire

The spectacle starts, the master choose first a rain of gold (that last should sound good but sadly means another thing too xD)

Electrical language

electrical language

The colors starts to fire the song of an electric angel, turning into silhouettes to the assistants.

Smog and Fire

smog and fire

Like a slow breathing before a new fireworks show the giant have a little pause. The silhouettes are humans again for a while.

Look at me! Are you not entertained?!

Look at me! Are you not entertained?!

Now the fireworks yell intense colors in his body of six hearts.

Feathers of phoenix

Feathers of phoenix

Always the fire shine more when its final is closer. There is a jewel in the night and as a sunset it’s going to be unrepeatable (so I’ll take some pics :P)

Zeus unbounded

Zeus unbounded

A last robe of white color. so in that way the spectacle ends. But the party continues so the fireworks are send to the sky to explode in roses of several colors, messengers lost in the night.

Night's Spirit flying to the borders of the space

Spirit flying to the borders of the space

But the beer is going to last until the next midday and even after that the body says (perhaps) enough.


Trois couleurs

28 thoughts on “The spectacular death of a brief Giant of Fire

  1. That’s amazing! It’s like they’re setting off a controlled nuclear reaction in their neighborhood. A miniature “Big Bang”, if you will…. Does that make sense?

    1. A bit of light, but more to the ears, it’s a long Boom in your ears /n\ I took out my faithful tripod and for the spectacle I think nobody noticed.
      You’re right, the public just needs their special glasses D:

    1. P.S. I think you’d love Valencia’s architecture… btw, I met Senor Santiago Calatrava a few years ago via common friends… it’s a small world in our “old Europe”…;-)))

      1. Perhaps, I’m a simple boy ^_^, I get emotion of light falling upon a brick wall, or a thick wall of adobe open to the nature, buildings of glass to see the clouds and the sea, a garden of natural rocks, I liked so much the house of the artist in the volcanic Spanish island :-)

    2. Oh, that has to be the origin! We hadn’t firewors, probably that part of the tradition came with Spain. I see you were in Calatrava’s Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias :-)

      1. you’re NOT “a simple boy”, FR… let’s say you’re are not (too) complicated, but quite complex…:-)))
        * * *
        la casa de César Manrique in Lanzarote Canary island is UNIQUE… he was such a great artist, inspired by Picasso and Miro!!!

      2. Exactly! César Manrique. Volcanic heart, to work for a dreamer is the dream of every architect (and the nightmare of every engineer xD) Muchas gracias ^_^!

  2. Superb, Francis. Thank you for sharing this with us. Here in the northern part of our country they have some sort of mega fireworks too during the Ram Lila, a religious festival. A giant effigy of a demon is made and stuffed with fireworks and then the hero of the Ramayana story shoots a flaming arrow at the demon, who then dies spectacularly in the fireworks etc. Well, I have just seen it on tv and never seen it myself. But this is even more spectacular. I think the Chinese use more fireworks than any other people, but Peru must come a close second then :D

    1. Sounds quite exciting to see! Even just for TV it could be nice. Certainly Chinese surely use more fireworks, and I think every developed country (I saw photos of the fireworks days ago for the National Day of France) has bigger and more numerous fireworks but I haven’t see it other places where the figure is actually not burned but used as an armature to set an order of fireworks. Perhaps it’s a Spanish tradition. Thanks, Tejaswi.

  3. Very beautiful post, Francis! The first picture has a great artistic potential! I found in it, a parallel universe, which have shapes and colors evolved after magical rules. Romania does not have a correspondent for this tradition.

  4. This is a wonderful title, very poetic ! Could be the title of a masterpiece ! :D

    I love all these pictures, but I have two favourite.. the kind of pictures I wouldn’t mind hanging in my living room :-) I just love the first one “Map of an Island called Atlantis at the moment of being devoured by the fury of volcans in a black sea”. The composition, the different colours and that twist, it’s not common to see this. It’s gorgeous. And the second one (which is my ultimate favourite picture) : “Spirit flying to the borders of the space”. For me, it could be dragon fire !! :D Oh, I love this picture Francis. It’s gorgeous.

    Amazing work ! You know, that’s what I like about your blog, you never know what to expect :D You have so different styles !!

    1. hehe, actually the title is a tribute to the much, but much more, beautiful Tim Burton’s book entitled “The melancholy death of oyster boy”
      Today I woke up and thought the same, the name should be instead something like “Rising Dragon” or “A dragon vanishing in the night” I’m glad you liked it ^_^ it’s one of my personal favorites too.

      haha, yes, nobody can classify this blog XD, I consider just a diary, some days it’s funny, others sad, others I talk a lot and some days I don’t say much D: Nice weekend ahead Gin, thanks!

      1. I love Tim Burton, I’ve seen nearly every film he has made (even the more obscure one), however, I never read any of his book. Sounds quite tempting, I love the title !

        I’m probably going to york tomorrow, if the weather is nice, it’s a viking town :-) Have a nice weekend !

      2. The more obscure one (as a disappointment) has to be “The Planet of the Apes” XD, I grew up with Edward Scissorhands, the Batman movies and his great animations. If you love Tim Burton then I can suggest you quite warmly the book I mentioned. I read it in just a few minutes!
        I hope you can have a nice weather and a nice weekend too, bye!
        BTW, if you want that photograph I can send you the original, is a little file because I cropped it to fit my composition. I would send you directly but I imagine you’ve already so many photographs from your travels and little time to see them so perhaps here is more comfortable to you ;-)

      3. Planet of the apes was quite awful, I love Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice and Big fish. And later on, all the animations :-)

        It would be awesome to receive this photograph, I really like it :-) :-) :-) :-) If you go on my contact page, there is a link redirecting to my email address :-) That’s so nice of you !!! :-)

    1. Tu as un beau âme, un soleil, Caroline. Je suis si heureuse que tes yeux trouver la beauté dans cette images et mots. À plus tard! ^_^

    1. Thanks Lucy :-) It’s nice to see it, Is there any similar tradition in a European country? I think perhaps it’s forbidden there because it couldn’t be totally safe.

      1. I’ve never seen anything like this in Europe, so it might e forbidden. Thanks for sharing this with me. Lovely pictures!

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