16 thoughts on “Chacas lagoon at dusk

    1. haha, well, that’s the nature in my city at the highlands at 3800 meters above sea level, it’s so cold that I’ve never seen rats for example. To my eyes it’s beautiful.
      But, believe it or not, the jungle is close to my city with plenty of trees, but always I was afraid of the serpents that waits in the water, the spiders falling from the trees, the mosquitoes with diseases that you cannot feel but can deform and eat your skin after some years… For those things I love more my land XD

      1. Of course, Francis.. I know what you mean. The same here too. And yes, it is indeed very beautiful. I just said that because the image looked powerful and infinite.

  1. Have you ever thought of taking photos of the night sky over the high desert plains? I’ll bet they would be spectacular! For me the night air would be too cold to take such photos, but with your internal furnace, it would be easy for you :)

    1. Yes, I have :-) The only caution I need is to get a place near to a town or city so the busses can stop for me, in middle of the highway they for security simply don’t stop (and I understand because I wouldn’t use a bus that would stop in middle of the nothing)
      My internal furnace is to warm the hands and toes of a special lady ;-)
      Besitos de chocolate, Melissa :-)

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